Details of general terms of sale


Reservation :
Requests of availability or reservation as well as their possible modifications shall be made by email (or, as the case may be, by mail). We shall make our confirmation of reservation by mail.
Phone exchanges as to the availability on a reservation have a mere value of information.
It is only by the reception of the deposit that your reservation shall be effective. The payment of deposit implies the acceptance of the following general terms of sale.

Means of payement :
Cash, wire transfer or cheques.

Validation of a reservation :
Stays are guaranted only once received the deposit which corresponds to 30% of the total amount of the price of your stay at “Les Cyprès d’Antan”. The deposit shall be deducted from the invoice of the total amount of the price of the stay agreed.
The deposit shall be made into payment at reception.

Cancellation or or interruption by the Client :
Cancellation of a reservation shall be effective only after “Les Cyprès d’Antan” acknowledges such cancellation by mail.
Any cancellation made within less than 10 days as from the date of the stay agreed shall entitle “Les Cyprès d’Antan” to keep the deposit, without any possible compensation.
In the event of an interruption of the stay agreed, regardless of the circumstances, the total amount of the price of the stay agreed shall be paid to “Les Cyprès d’Antan”.

Cancellation by the Owner :
In the event of a cancellation by the Owner before the beginning of the stay agreed, the Owner shall inform the Client of the cancellation by all means, and to give back the deposit to the Client, within an 8 days period.
In the event of a cancellation by the Owner, the Client is not entitled to any damages and waives his/her right to any claim related to this cancellation.

Thefts and accidents :
The Client’s negligence, especially in the conservation of his/her belongings, shall not give rise to the Owner’s responsability.

The swimming pool :

The swimming pool is opened from 10H to 19H.
In compliance with the current legislation, an alarm has been installed.
Kids must be under the supervision and responsability of their parents or relatives, at any time.

In the event of litigation, the competent authorities are the ones of the place of the delivery of the services. Please note that the French version shall prevail on the English version.